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Client Feedback

Janette Whitney ACIB MCMI


 Feedback is always good to hear, so if you have used our services and would like to share your experience with other readers, please either leave  your comments below or email us at jw@whitneyassocs.co.uk  .




 Here is  what some clients have said:

Janette has been invaluable for grounding us properly in our business as a start up Community Interest Company – we have to manage a difficult balancing act between not for profit enterprise and focusing on growth. Janette has been patient and willing to learn about the world of counselling. We could not have got this far without her professionalism, insights and her determination to help us succeed.

February 25, 2018,

Rachel Gardiner-Hill, Humanistic Counsellor MBACP; Lead Director of Horsham & Crawley Counselling Group CIC


I’ve worked with Janette now for the last 2 years and in that time, my business has gone from struggling start up to thriving! In the last 2 years I’ve seen growth of over 150% year on year. She keeps me grounded and on track when needed but guides me and helps me to fly with new ideas when appropriate. It’s been an amazing 2 years and I’m looking forward to taking Strood Copy to the next level with Janette’s help.

7th April 2016

Lucy Pitts, Award Winning Copy writer & professional Speaker,  Strood Copy


Janette has helped me focus and find clarity during a difficult period of transition. Her experience, sound judgment and support have been invaluable. She keeps an eye on the big picture while helping me maintain perspective for the journey. If you want to take your business to the next level, I would thoroughly recommend working with Janette. May 22, 2015,

Jenny Johnson Director. Developing leadership potential in small businesses




Janette has helped me focus on my business needs and objectives. I now have a clear plan on how to achieve them. I would have no problem recommending her to other businesses, large or small. February 5, 2015,

Andy Hannant, Owner at  Andy Hannant Photography


Janette has already helped us to make substantial improvements to our business and I hope to continue working with her indefinitely. She is firm but fair, and knowledgeable on everything from accounts through legal compliance to trademarks. She has gone above and beyond the call of duty, including identifying business opportunities and potential partnerships. I can not recommend her highly enough.  May 29, 2014 
Dr Sam Type Computer Forensics Consultant, Geek Ltd



I suspect hiring Janette may be the best investment in my business I’ve ever made. She brought clarity, wisdom, common sense, experience and vision to our meeting and has helped me to focus on where I should be and how I should be getting there.March 5, 2014

Lucy Pitts copywriter and creative content Strood Copy

If Janette Whitney agrees to take you on as a client, Watch out, tighten your seat belt and enjoy the work, your feet wont touch the ground.October 8, 2013

Dominic Sakakini owner at Sakakini Jewellers


Janette has proved to be an effective sounding board during a time when I needed some “outside perspective” on the continued development and expansion of our business. Meeting with Janette on a regular monthly basis keeps me on track, focused and proactive. She never hesitates to tactfully, but directly, point out areas that need to be considered in a different way and has proved to be right with her observations, opinions and suggestions. Working with Janette for just a few months has already produced positive results. 2nd September 2013

Yolanda Noye, Director Heron Painitng & Decorating Ltd


Just a quick email to thank you for your expert guidance and support over the past few weeks- it has been very helpful and valuable. Thankyou very much for all you are doing to help us and just wish we had brought you in earlier. Keep up the good work.! 16th April 2013.

Pauline Latham, Director Learning Assessment and Neurocentre Ltd


Janette has provided focus to aspects of our business, providing simple and clear guidelines to push forward to create a better and more efficient service to our clients.April 14, 2013,

Thorough work – Realistic appraisals – Always does the best she can for the client whilst still accepting the parameters of the business world that we work in.conscientious and always keen to give of her best.Can be relied on to deliver on time.February 5, 2013

Alan Trace, Senior Manager Commercial , Lloyds TSB commercial 


“Janette is a very energy driven professional. She uses all of the skills she has developed over her diverse career to ensure that the advice she is giving is bespoke to the organisation she is assisting. Janette is determined that she will assist any organisation to improve their profit margins by giving advice and suggestions in respect of the structure of the business and the profile and on-going success of the business. A very capable person who is a joy to work with.” November 22, 2012

Ray Bosdet DMS, MIFireE, Fire safety & defence Ltd


“I have used Janette to help develop my business. She has a down to earth and no nonsense approach and makes you get things done. She certainly knows what she is talking about and I would thoroughly recommend her.” March 19, 2012

Jayne Webb – Interior Designer, Southover Design Ltd


“Janette has been working with me over several months in devising a direction for my almost three year old business. She has become an important part of my decision making processes.
I have found her to be diligent, patient, practical, flexible, trustworthy and expert in the field of business advice. She inspires confidence and trust and I fully appreciate her frank, no nonsense approach to business planning.
I have no hesitation in recommending Janette, she has helped me to see “the wood from the trees” and put a structure into my business, with goals and objectives.
With Janette’s insights I see a path ahead to continuing the success of my business and importantly I have an achievable plan for growing and expanding the business.
I now look forward to Janette’s meetings as I know that I will have the opportunity to discuss ideas or problems with a trusted and experienced advisor and come away with a clear focus on what the next stages of my business development are.” March 16, 2012

 Gillian Boden  House Handlers Ltd, Letting agency


“Janette sees a business with all its potential and its drawbacks and she hones in on priorities like a radar, saving time and frustration. Her advice and skill is borne out of many years experience in a variety of sectors. I highly recommend her to EVERYONE!!” November 10, 2011

Julie Blunt – guaranteed savings on utilities, Team Leader, The Utility Warehouse Discount Club


“Janette is extremely focused which enables her to reach goals and objectives quickly and efficiently. She is reliable, knowledgable and grounded and an excellent sounding board!” November 8, 2011

Tracy S Gates, Pure Bio Limited, Nutritional Supplies


“Janette offers an invaluable service to me with her ideas for business development and has helped keeping me focused on the job in hand and preparing a business plan. She is very thorough, professional and I would certainly recommend her services to anyone who takes their business seriously.” November 8, 2011

 Rachael Burgess, Lifestyle Sussex,  Personal Concierge services


“Janette has enabled me tor set achievable goals for my business. She has helped me stay focused and come up with some creative ideas to develope my business. She has extensive knowledge and experience of helping fledgling businesses achieve their potential, which she shares in an easy to understand way. I would recommend Janette to anyone who needs to develop their business.Thank you Janette” November 7, 2011

Penny Tree, Silverdaze Jewellery


“We have worked with Janette to help us devise a strategy for building our new business.
We have found her advice to be insightful. The process of working with a consultant has emphasized the importance of objective opinion and the need for taking the time to develop our vision for the future.The process has encouraged healthy debate when setting strategies to ensure correct actions are taken which are best for the company. If we had not had the guidance of Janette, we would have proceeded down the path of doing what we had always done and failing to get the results we want and need.
We highly recommend Janette to any business which is wanting to improved its performance.” September 20, 2011

 Anne Martin, Chipsaway Crawley, bodywork repairers


“I hired Janette to review my business proposal for expansion, make sure my numbers stacked up and provide some very specific advice on key development questions. As the only person in my business, it was a joy to be able to talk to someone who not only knows what I’m talking about but offer me reassurance that my proposal was reasonable. Her authoritative approach and advice based on her considerable experience has enabled me to move forward with my plans confidently. I would not hesitate to recommend Janette in this capacity and consider the cost of hiring her to be a very worthwhile investment in my business.” September 6, 2011

Susannah Brady,  OFFLoad Business Resources, freelance administrators


“We hired Janette in 2010 to do a general health check on both Sussex Mortgage centre and Sussex Letting Centre. We are now working together on a master plan to grow both businesses and have a strategy in place to increase our sales by 30 per cent . Janette has been invaluable to us offering help and support to drive our business forward into growth mode and we would recommend her to any business that is looking to increase their profits.” July 20, 2011

Karen O’Brien, Sussex Mortgage Centre 


“I would thoroughly recommend Janette. She is highly professional but very personable and gives great constructive and creative advice. She is very good at adding structure to business ideas and focusing on the practicalities of running a business.” June 9, 2011

 Sarah LottThe Memory Book
“I have known Janette for about 10 years and have worked with her on a number of mutual clients. Janette’s enthusiasm and support and desire to fight the corner for her clients has been fully evident in all my dealings. Janette is organised, hands on and practical, and is well regarded by her clients.” May 31, 2011

 Ian Vickers, Partner, FRP Advisory LLP
“Janette has helped our company for the last eight months guiding the business through the toughest year in our fifteen years of trading.Through Janette’s expertise in finance she managed to secure funding critical to our survival.Janette’s knowledge and understanding of sme’s has proved invaluable to our companies recovery.
Before Janette had been recommended to us,we had approached six banks-all with the same answer “risky sector,come back in six months.”
Within a matter of weeks from our initial consultation,Janette had secured our new bank and overdraft facility.With Janette’s continued monthly consultations our business can now move forward and look forward to a successful future-Thank you Janette from all at LR Knight Electrical” 25th May 2011

Steve Phillips, LR Knight Electrical Services & Installations Ltd


“Foundry Press has been working with Janette Whitney for the past 6 months and her knowledge of business is second to none. At our meetings she makes us think and rethink our problems and ideas and always brings new vision to the table. I have no problem recommending Janette to other SMEs.” May 5, 2011

Bruce Phillips, Foundry Press Ltd. 


“Janette Whitney has been helping us to build/grow our business in this very uncertain and challenging times due to the current economic climate – she is always professional with lots of knowledge and understanding of our business strategy helping us to move forward with confidence.” May 4, 2011

 Becky Derham, SmartWood Flooring Ltd


“Janette is such a great person to deal with. I have recommended her services on many occasions and have heard the fantastic results that she has acheived for her clients. I am looking forward to being able to use her business in the near future to help our company with new developments!” March 23, 2011

 Rob J Cole, Business Relationship Manager, Premier PC Supplies
“Janette has guided me the last 10 years. I find her to be always helpful,professional in all matters,and has the ability to plant some good ideas. She keeps me focused on the areas of my business that I tend to forget about.
I have no hesitation in highly recommending Janette for your business.” March 22, 2011

 Steve Gubbins, Professional photographer, Steve Gubbins Studios


“Janette and I have worked together for nearly 8 years on behalf of several SME clients in the technology sector. Janette brings a robust focus to the key managerial and financial issues facing her clients and works tirelessly to guide them towards a better run and healthier business.” March 22, 2011

 Mark O’Halloran, Partner, stevensdrake solicitors


“I have had the pleasure of working with Janette on a number of projects and can advise that the advise she has provided has been extremely valuable on a number of key decisions that i have had to make.” February 28, 2011

Gary Streets, Director Colvin Printers Ltd


“Janette offers all aspects of business consulting and i have known and utilised her expertise now for many years. She deals with our online and offline marketing, business strategies and is undoubtedly the most well connected business partner i know and utilises her panel of experts with great skill. I would always recommend Janette’s services to forward thinking compnaies such as ours for all business matters.
She is an excellent string to have to your business bow!” February 16, 2011

 Joanne MantellGWA Insurance Services ltd 


“Having recently used Janette for a business health check she was able to use simple language to explain what what happening within the finances of our business. We now have simple tasks to carry out which will make a big difference to our bottom line. We are looking forward to working in the future with Janette on our marketing strategy moving into 2011. I would have no hesitation in reccomending Janette to another business owner.” December 8, 2010

Andrew Sewell, Wessex Networks, IT Support

“My thanks are once again extended to Janette Whitney of Janette Whitney and Associates for her expert advice on marketing and PR.    She has helped me with the next stage of moving my business forward and to extending the profile of Beauty Works, Horsham.  Her commitment has definitely exceeded the call of duty and has given me the confidence to take a step further into a new area.  Despite the heavy workload she is already dealing with, Janette has kept me focused and on target to achieving my goals.   I would strongly recommend to anyone who has not yet used her services, which are tremendous value for money, to make an appointment with her ;  you will not be disappointed.”   28th September 2010

Debbie Pickles, Beauty Works Horsham, Holistic Massage and Beauty Therapist


“I’ve known Janette for a number of years now and always appreciated her highly professional, no nonsense approach to business – as well as her sense of humour.

We’ve worked together recently and my opinion hasn’t changed. On top of this her integrity and focus on achieving objectives means I have no hesitation in recommending Janette.” September 3, 2010

Dawn Brewer, Writing Words for the Web, upd8 technology ltd

“I started my own business 18 months ago, and reached a point where I needed some good, solid advice on how to get the most out of it. I naturally turned to Janette, as I know she has a proven track record of helping businesses achieve their potential. I signed up for Janette’s ‘Business Health Check’, which I would recommend highly to any business owner or proprietor. We discussed how I currently run my business, what goals I wanted to achieve, and how I was going to achieve them. Janette helped me to identify where things were going wrong, and, just as importantly, what I was doing right! Out went the excuses for why something wasn’t working and in came a plan of action. As a result of Janette’s invaluable feedback and insight, I now feel far more positive and focussed on what I want out of my business and how I am going to get it (with Janette’s assistance, of course!).” August 31, 2010

Robin Williams, RW Law, Employment Law Solicitors 


“Having appointed you as my business mentor I have really come to value the opportunity you create to look objectively at my business rather than just working away inside it. I also find refreshing your blunt pragmatism and the way you cut through to the crux of an issue so we can deal with it without regard for any procrastination on my part. Anyone who is wondering “where they went wrong” or why their business is not as profitable or as successsful as they would like would be well advised to appoint you too” 26th July 2010

James Bulman, Ability Partnership Ltd, Tele Communications


 “Janette’s input into a couple of projects for my business have been invaluable and her attention to detail is excellent. She has a great way of getting right to the ‘heart of the matter’ which is absolutely paramount when planning future strategy.” May 2, 2010

Suzie Sawyer,Nutritionalist, Vital Health Solutions


“I have been working with Janette for many years but never used her services, what a loss to me. I’m in the same chapter as Janette for BNI and over the past few months have discovered the depths of Janette’s knowledge, which is vast. Having just started my company I wanted an MOT to see if I was doing everything right, however I came across a problem with trademarks which Janette is helping me work through. A fountain of knowledge well worth tapping into. Use it to your advantage.” April 28, 2010

Philippa French, Purple Frog Design, Graphic Design Business



Janette’s business health check helped us focus on the medium to long term plan for our business. The next day we were implementing her suggestions of how to strengthen our products in the marketplace and to save ourselves stress and time as a bonus. She cut to the chase and her expertise and experience was evident during the whole session. We would recomend this session especially for busy, hands-on business people. Thank you Janette. March 8th 2010.

Denise Tayler, Ganda Publishing Ltd


“I have worked with Janette over a number of years and can testify to her high levels of expertise and integrity, particularly in the area of financial management. I would have no hesitation in recommending her” December 5, 2009

Tony Candler,  Anthony Candler & Associates, Training Company


“After a couple of meetings with Janette I gained improved clarity and sharper focus to my work, especially on the financial and networking aspects of business. Janette provides a fresh view and adds insight thereby expanding possibilities, very useful for me as a self employed consultant.” September 30, 2009

Emilie Myers People Develoment Consultancy


 “Janette’s depth and breadth of experience and business knowledge as well as professionalism is self evident from the first encounter. She is able to listen to your ideas and help translate them into tangible, focussed, business goals. Her creativity and follow-up are a strategic asset to small business development and I would have no hesitation in recommending Janette’s business acumen.”September 15, 2009

Sonja Woodman, Above- it- all marketing,  marketing consultancy


“Janette has been a big help and a good source of advice for our business over the past 5 years”.September 16, 2009

Alison Whitfield, Ethos Marketing (UK) Ltd, Sales representation  for African travel


“Thankyou so much for your input. Kevin was quite sceptical at first but could not believe how quickly the 2 hours went. He has made a huge commitment and even come to work in trousers and shirt instead of jeans and tee shirt. He thinks it gives himself a psychological boost and we spent a lot of time yesterday going over all the points we discussed at our meeting. Once again Thanks for your input and I look forward with your help and guidance to growing the company.” July 2009

Jim Goodfellow, SPS Glass Ltd, Glass partition company


 “Janette has provided invaluable support, advice and guidance which has ensured that my business has been established with all the necessary “building blocks” in place. With Janette’s assistance I have been able to implement and focus on a strategy which will assist me in reaching my business and professional goals. I would have no hesitation in recommending her services. June 26 2009

Robb Harris, Astute Investment PlanningIndependent Financial Adviser


“I have been really impressed with the advice that I’ve received from Janette and in a very short period of time felt far more confident moving forward with my businesses.  Janette is well informed, frank and a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend her services to anyone setting up in business or indeed anyone looking for further direction.” 24th June 2009
Fiona Walker-Arnott. Pure- Cleaning for the Property Market and fwaphotography.com

“Janette has breathed fresh air into our business, helping,leading,and guiding our business with her sound banking background. We are looking forward to the future in the secure knowledge that Janette is sound and solid in every aspect of the business world from consultancy to development to the all important bottom line.” 5th June 2009

Dennis & Jan Hardy, Country Produce, Family butchers & catering


“Janette has been a constant source of help and guidance to me since starting my business 11 years ago.  She is fully understanding of my requirements and has helped me to focus on my marketing strategy and business development.  As a result, I have had the confidence to take great steps forward.  I rarely do anything without asking her advice, which is always quickly and expertly given.”

Debbie Pickles, Beauty Works,beauty therapists



,“Janette is great to have on board. No punches spared, eye on the bottom line which is exactly what is needed from a business consultant. Janette is very good at looking at all aspects of the business and making sure that all areas are covered from a legal, insurance, finance marketing and sales perspectives.”

Sue Rose, Tsarine Ltd, Building Company


“I have worked with Janette in the past and have found her to be an excellent business contact. Her knowledge of business and businesses is wide ranging and I would not hesitate to recommend her services to anyone.”

Tony Tydeman , Business Development Manager , Venture Finance Plc

“I have worked with Janette since 2005 and there is no doubt that she has help my business to grow. She is excellent at the legal side and helps to focus and ground my attention to the important matters. I would recommend Janette to any business that wants to be successful.”

Vicky Vaughan, MD The Brand Surgery Ltd

“Janette has a monthly column in my publication, Business Matters. Janette is always professional and produces quality editorial on a timely basis. Janette is a pleasure to do business with.”

Lorraine Nugent , Business Matters Coordinator , Sussex Newspapers  


“Janette has certainly helped me focus on the business side of my work and I have full confidence that with Janette keeping her eye on me, I shall hit my targets this year.”

Katrina Smith , True Colours Interiors, Interior Design company

“Janette possesses a wealth of experience in finance and business which makes her an invaluable guide. Whether you are creating a new start up, growing an existing enterprise or just making sure you are on the right track, Janette provides detailed focus and direction on everything from legal compliance, financial plans or marketing strategy. I cannot recommend her more highly.”

Suzy Miller, Certain shops Ltd


“Janette’s consultancy has been highly useful for me and my businesses. It is important to have outside consultancy of this kind to help your business grow. I have already recommended her to others.”

Kim Stoddart , Blue Rocket Ltd, Ethical P.R company


“Meeting Janette has been inspirational. Her business acumen coupled with her can-do attitude, sense of humour and down to earth common sense make her the ideal advocate for one’s business. As a business advisor and consultant, she has an impressive track record; a highly recommended professional with expert credentials.”

Lynn Tulip, Career Management Specialist , Directions

“Janette is an exceptionally thorough and clear adviser with an effective analytical and strategic mind”

Gerard Walsh , Owner , Corporate Oxygen Limited

“Janette is an excellent business consultant who goes the extra miles for her clients. Having Janette working with us has been invaluable. She knows exactly what is needed, when and how to implement it. Janette is as dedicated to our success as we are, it is like having another owner/director. She is one of our best investments.”

Jo Parker,Certain Shops, online marketing company.


‘You always listen, you are always prepared and you never give us the impression that we are being lectured.

We know that you have brought that missing ingredient to our business. That professional and knowledgeable edge that will help us achieve our goals.

Through your careful analysis and recommendations we have taken great strides forward in our quest to achieve our business goals.’

Andy Williams, The Ultimate Guide, Business Directory

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